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Three UDP-xylose transporters participate in xylan biosynthesis  by conveying cytosolic UDP-xylose into the Golgi lumen in Arabidopsis 2018-01-01 Journal  of Experimental Botany SCI 695):1125-1134
Intensive management increases soil acidification and phytotoxic  Al content in Phyllostachys praecox stands in Southeast China 2018-01-01 JOURNAL  OF SUSTAINABLE FORESTRY SCI 371):46-55
Desiccation tolerance in Physcomitrella patens: Rate of  dehydration and the involvement of endogenous abscisic acid (ABA) 2018-01-01 PLANT  CELL AND ENVIRONMENT SCI 41:  275-284
Volatile organic compound emissions from Microcystis aeruginosa  under different phosphorus sources and concentrations 2018-01-01 PHYCOLOGICAL  RESEARCH SCI 66:  15-22
Alleviation of drought stress in Phyllostachys edulis by N and P  application 2018-01-10 SCIENTIFIC  REPORTS SCI : 8
The role of endomembrane localized VHA c in plant growth 2018-01-13 Plant  Signaling & Behavior SCI 131
Novel Insights into the Influence of Seed Sarcotesta  Photosynthesis on Accumulation of Seed Dry Matter and Oil Content in Torreya  grandis cv. “Merrillii” 2018-01-28 frontiers  in plant science SCI 8:2179
Bioflocculants’ production from a cellulase-free  xylanase-producing Pseudomonas boreopolis G22 by degrading biomass and its  application in cost-effective harvest of microalgae 2018-01-31 Bioresource  Technology SCI 255:171-179
A naturally occurring epiallele associates with leaf senescence  and local climate adaptation in Arabidopsis accessions 2018-01-31 NATURE  COMMUNICATIONS SCI 9:460
Optimization of PM2.5 Estimation Using Landscape Pattern  Information and Land Use Regression Model in Zhejiang, China 2018-02-01 ATMOSPHERE SCI : 9 : 2
The Responses of Plant Leaf CO2/H2O Exchange and Water Use  Efficiency to Drought: A Meta-Analysis 2018-02-01 SUSTAINABILITY SCI : 10 : 2
KNAT7 positively regulates xylan biosynthesis by directly  activating IRX9 expression in Arabidopsis 2018-02-02 Journal  of Integrative Plant Biology SCI 60(6)
Rapid determination of crocins in saffron by near-infrared  spectroscopy combined with chemometric techniques 2018-02-05 SPECTROCHIMICA  ACTA PART A-MOLECULAR AND BIOMOLECULAR SPECTROSCOPY SCI 190:  283-289
Cloning and functional characterization of a p-coumaroyl  quinate/shikimate 3 '-hydroxylase from potato (Solanum tuberosum) 2018-02-05 BIOCHEMICAL  AND BIOPHYSICAL RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONS SCI : 496 : 2 :  462-467
Relationships between carbon fluxes and environmental factors in  a drip-irrigated, film-mulched cotton field in arid region 2018-02-07 PLOS  ONE SCI : 13 : 2
Overexpression of PvGF14c from Phyllostachys violascens Delays  Flowering Time in Transgenic Arabidopsis 2018-02-14 FRONTIERS  IN PLANT SCIENCE SCI : 9
Synthesis and herbicidal activity of 4, 8-DHT and its derivates 2018-03-01 Industrial  Crops and Products SCI 111:755-767
N-linked Glycan Micro-heterogeneity in Glycoproteins of  Arabidopsis 2018-03-01 MOLECULAR  & CELLULAR PROTEOMICS SCI : 17 : 3 :  413-421
Qualitative and quantitative analysis of furofuran lignans,  iridoid glycosides, and phenolic acids in Radix Dipsaci by UHPLC-Q-TOF/MS and  UHPLC-PDA 2018-03-01 Journal  of Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Analysis SCI 154:40-47
Auxin enhances grafting success in Carya cathayensis (Chinese  hickory) 2018-03-01 PLANTA SCI : 247 : 3 :  761-772
Over-expression of a grafting-responsive gene from hickory  increases abiotic stress tolerance in Arabidopsis 2018-03-01 PLANT  CELL REPORTS SCI : 37 : 3 :  541-552
A transposition-active Phyllostachys edulis long terminal repeat  (LTR) retrotransposon 2018-03-01 JOURNAL  OF PLANT RESEARCH SCI : 131 : 2 :  203-210
Transcriptome analysis provides insights into xylogenesis  formation in Moso bamboo (Phyllostachys edulis) shoot 2018-03-02 Scientific  Reports SCI 8:3951-3966
Detecting Sulfuric and Nitric Acid Rain Stresses on Quercus  glauca through Hyperspectral Responses 2018-03-09 Sensors SCI 2018,  18(3): 830
Neochamaejasmin A inhibits KV1.4 channel activity via direct  binding to the pore 2018-03-15 BRAIN  RESEARCH SCI 1683:  17–26
Pursuing sesterterpene lactams in Australian Irciniidae sponges 2018-04-01 FITOTERAPIA SCI : 126 : 83-89 特刊:  SI
Biochar amendment decreases soil microbial biomass and increases  bacterial diversity in Moso bamboo (Phyllostachys edulis) plantations under  simulated nitrogen deposition 2018-04-01 ENVIRONMENTAL  RESEARCH LETTERS SCI : 13 : 4
The distribution of transposable elements (TEs) in the promoter  regions of moso bamboo genes and its influence on downstream genes 2018-04-01 TREES-STRUCTURE  AND FUNCTION SCI : 32 : 2 :  525-537
Effects of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on growth and nitrogen  uptake of Chrysanthemum morifolium under salt stress 2018-04-26 PLOS  ONE SCI : 13 : 4
Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi influence decomposition and the  associated soil microbial community under different soil phosphorus  availability 2018-05-01 SOIL  BIOLOGY & BIOCHEMISTRY SCI : 120 : 181-190
Molecular Characterization of SQUAMOSA PROMOTER BINDING  PROTEIN-LIKE (SPL) Gene Family in Betula luminifera 2018-05-04 FRONTIERS  IN PLANT SCIENCE SCI : 9
Transcriptomic profiling and identification of candidate genes  in two Phoebe bournei ecotypes with contrasting cold stress responses 2018-05-29 TREES-STRUCTURE  AND FUNCTION SCI 32:1315–1333
Phylogeny-dominant classification of J-proteins in Arabidopsis  thaliana and Brassica oleracea 2018-06-01 GENOME SCI : 61 : 6 :  405-415
Identification and expression profiling of the Aux/IAA gene  family in Chinese hickory (Carya cathayensis Sarg.) during the grafting  process 2018-06-01 PLANT  PHYSIOLOGY AND BIOCHEMISTRY SCI 127:  55-63
Inhibitory effects of extracts from Cinnamomum camphora fallen  leaves on algae 2018-06-26 Water  Science & Technology SCI 77:  2545–2554
Transcriptomic insight into pathogenicity-associated factors of  Conidiobolus obscurus, an obligate aphid-pathogenic fungus belonging to  Entomopthoromycota. 2018-07-02 PEST  MANAGEMENT SCIENCE SCI 74(7):  1677-1686
Bamboo NiR gene is associated with regeneration capacity 2018-07-19 JOURNAL  OF HORTICULTURAL SCIENCE & BIOTECHNOLOGY SCI 932): 142-149
Suppressing a plant-parasitic nematode with fungivorous behavior  by fungal transformation of a Bt cry gene 2018-07-23 MICROBIAL  CELL FACTORIES SCI 17:116
Effects of phosphorus sources on volatile organic compound  emissions from Microcystis flos-aquae and their toxic effects on  Chlamydomonas reinhardtii 2018-08-01 Environmental  Geochemistry and Health SCI 40:  1283–1298
Compost-bulking agents reduce the reservoir of antibiotics and  antibiotic resistance genes in manures by modifying bacterial microbiota 2018-08-17 Science  of the Total Environment SCI 649(2019):396-404
RNA-Seq analysis of differential gene expression in Betula  luminifera xylem during the early stages of tension wood formation 2018-08-21 PeerJ SCI 6
Application of composite dissolving microneedles with high drug  loading ratio for rapid local anesthesia 2018-08-30 European  Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences SCI 121(2018):330-7
Effects of Green space landscape patterns on particulate matter  in Zhejiang Province, China 2018-09-01 ATMOSPHERIC  POLLUTION RESEARCH SCI 9(5):  923-933
A new wingless genus and two new species of Ceutorhynchinae from  Southwest China, with notes on related taxa (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) 2018-09-01 Annales  Zoologici SCI 68(3):  451-462
Genome-wide identification of MADS-box family genes in moso  bamboo (Phyllostachys edulis) and a functional analysis of PeMADS5 in  flowering 2018-09-03 BMC  PLANT BIOLOGY SCI 18:176
Rapid detection of adulteration in Anoectochilus roxburghii by  near-infrared spectroscopy coupled with chemometric methods 2018-09-11 JOURNAL  OF FOOD SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY-MYSORE SCI 55(9):3518–3525
De novo transcriptome sequencing of Torreya grandis reveals gene  regulation in sciadonic acid biosynthesis pathway 2018-09-15 INDUSTRIAL  CROPS AND PRODUCTS SCI 120:  47-60
A Golgi UDP-GlcNAc transporter delivers substrates for N-linked  glycans and sphingolipids 2018-09-17 Nature  Plants SCI 4:792-801
Improving enzymatic digestibility of wheat straw pretreated by a  cellulase-free xylanase-secreting Pseudomonas boreopolis G22 with  simultaneous production of bioflocculants 2018-09-17 Biotechnology  for Biofuels SCI 11:250
Screening and Evaluation of Saline–Alkaline Tolerant Germplasm  of Rice (Oryza sativa L.) in Soda Saline–Alkali Soil 2018-09-25 AGRONOMY-BASEL SCI 8(10),  205
Biochar application alleviates unbalanced nutrient uptake caused  by N deposition in Torreya grandis trees and seedlings 2018-09-26 Forest  Ecology and Management SCI 432  (2019):319–326
CASH: a constructing comprehensive splice site method for  detecting alternative splicing events 2018-09-28 Briefings  in Bioinformatics SCI 19(5),  905–917
Fungal elicitors stimulate biomass and active ingredients  accumulation in Dendrobium catenatum plantlets 2018-10-01 Biologia SCI 73(10):  917–926
A taxonomic review of Paramblynotus Cameron, 1908 in China, with  descriptions of five new species (Hymenoptera: Cynipoidea: Liopteridae) 2018-10-01 ZOOTAXA SCI 4486  (4): 510–534
Overexpression of PvCO1, a bamboo CONSTANS-LIKE gene, delays  flowering by reducing expression of the FT gene in transgenic Arabidopsis 2018-10-12 BMC  PLANT BIOLOGY SCI 18
Expressional characterization of galacturonosyltransferase-like  gene family in Eucalyptus grandis implies a role in abiotic stress responses 2018-10-13 Tree  Genetics & Genomes SCI 2018.14(6):81-92
Effects of nitrogen nutrients on the volatile organic compound  emissions from Microcystis aeruginosa 2018-10-15 Ecotoxicology  and Environmental Safety SCI 161:  214–220
Chromatin-Based Regulation of Plant Root Development 2018-10-16 FRONTIERS  IN PLANT SCIENCE SCI 9:1509
MGH: a genome hub for the medicinal plant maca (Lepidium  meyenii) 2018-10-19 Database-The  Journal of Biological Databases and Curation SCI 113,1-8
Change in microbial communities, soil enzyme and metabolic  activity in a Torreya grandis plantation in response to root rot disease 2018-10-20 Forest  Ecology and Management SCI 432  (2019):932–941
Forest fire hazard during 2000-2016 in Zhejiang province of the  typical subtropical region, China 2018-11-01 NATURAL  HAZARDS SCI 94(2):975-977
Identification of autotoxic compounds from Atractylodes  macrocephala Koidz and preliminary investigations of their influences on  immune system 2018-11-01 Journal  of Plant Physiology SCI 230  :33–39
Jasmonic Acid Seed Treatment Stimulates Insecticide  Detoxification in Brassica juncea L. 2018-11-02 Frontiers  in Plant Science SCI 9:1609
Algicidal properties of extracts from Cinnamomum camphora fresh  leaves and their main compounds 2018-11-15 Ecotoxicology  and Environmental Safety SCI 163:  594–603
Seedless mutant ‘Wuzi Ougan’ ( Citrus suavissima Hort. ex Tanaka  ‘seedless’) and the wild type were compared by iTRAQ-based quantitative  proteomics and integratedly analyzed with transcriptome to improve  understanding of male sterility 2018-11-20 BMC  genetics SCI 19:106
Chemical fingerprint analysis and identification of Dendranthema  lavandulifoliwn buds 2018-11-26 INDUSTRIAL  CROPS AND PRODUCTS SCI 124C:707-718
Overexpression of Acyl-CoA-Binding Protein 1 (ChACBP1) From  Saline-Alkali-Tolerant Chlorella sp. Enhances Stress Tolerance in Arabidopsis 2018-11-28 FRONTIERS  IN PLANT SCIENCE SCI 91772
Ecological stoichiometry of nitrogen and phosphorus in Moso  bamboo (Phyllostachys edulis) during the explosive growth period of new  emergent shoots 2018-12-01 Journal  of Plant Research SCI 131(7)
Production of primary metabolites in Microcystis aeruginosa in  regulation of nitrogen limitation 2018-12-01 Bioresource  Technology SCI 270:  588–595
Experiments Are Necessary in Process-Based Tree Phenology  Modelling 2018-12-08 Trends  in plant science SCI xxyy



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