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      Inspired from Ballet Folkorico de Mexico, the lamp presents the idea of movement. The porcelain lamp cover is cast from a slowly spinning mold, and the beautiful overlapping texture has been given by this movement.  As Folkorice dance expresses the life and spirit of a people through its movement and music, the […]

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A FAMILY is a set of vases that can be placed one inside the other. The three different figures represent a child, a mother and a father. 

Father vase: 132*86*92mm

Mother vase: 100*57*100mm

Baby Vase: 42*26*40mm




_MG_3733 _MG_3817



_MG_0721 _MG_0709









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Baby Vase

There will be one day we all leave a family, but still we are babies in their eyes.

Baby Vase: 42*26*40mm




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This espresso cup stands both upside and downside for different feeling: when it stands upside, it is a cup with a cute tail, but when it stands upside-down, it is a cup with a big nose. 

The cup is glazed both inside and outside. 

It measures approx. 5 in diameter and 1.5 high (cm) 

nose06 nose07 nose05 nose04 nose02 nose03 nose00

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_MG_0810 _MG_0801


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Mummo Creamer

Mummo means Grandma in Finnish. The inspiration comes from my childhood memory that grandma always put more milk into the hot chocolate for me. It is a small milk jug designed and sculptured by hands, but filed by love and warmth. 

It measures approx. 6.5 in diameter and 7.5 high (cm).


_MG_0839 _MG_0732

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Lip Tea Cup

LIP is a tea cup with a lid which has one side slightly raising up. It looks like a smile or a talking mouth but functions as a natural hole to put a tea strainer inside and keep the cup closed at the same time.  Lips rise, refreshing tea fragrance. Lips purse, trying to whisper to […]